Miss Saigon
"A show with lots of heart...a terrific cast and big razzle-dazzle numbers"
- Boston Globe, 9/03

"Inspired visual concept... this is one of the best shows around."
- Chicago Tribune, 6/03

"Solid performances - there's not a weak link among the cast"
- The Washington Post, 11/04

"…a young, vocally proficient cast, a terrific Engineer and a truly striking new design concept… This looks like a big profit center for Big League and presenters"
- Variety, 12/02

"Stunning rendition of Miss Saigon … uniformly strong performances carry the show… worth the wait"
- The Montreal Gazette, 8/03

"Miss Saigon fills the eye and melts the heart…visually astonishing"
- Edmonton Sun, 7/03

"A newer and improved version has arrived… the human dimension prevails… heart takes precedence over hype"
- The Baltimore Sun, 12/02

"Miss Saigon is a triumph. The equal of anything you'll likely to find on Broadway this season."
- Knoxville News, 2/05

"This Miss Saigon is a powerful combination of beauty and tragedy, hope and heartbreak. Performances and songs are unforgettable. The show should not be missed."
- Lubbock Avalanche-Journal, 4/05

"This punchy, updated production of Miss Saigon is marked by exquisite lighting, dizzying visual and sound effects and a sensational young cast."
- Anchorage Daily News, 5/05

"The kind of theatrical magic that feeds the dreams of Broadway fans everywhere"
- Lawrence Journal-World, 4/05

"This current tour is the quintessential Miss Saigon."
- Springfield News-Sun, 10/04

"When you're good, you don't need a gimmick. Miss Saigon lifts off its theatrical pad because its actors have powered their performances with emotional truth."
- The Tennessean, 11/04

"This production stirs the soul in the way few musicals dare. Grab the remaining tickets."
- The Gazette - Iowa City, IA, 10/02

"Passionately sung, sexually charged and strongly performed"
- Impact Weekly - Dayton, OH, 9/02

"A production that does the masterwork justice… moving and unforgettable"
- Calgary Sun, 7/03

"The touring production of Miss Saigon has found the heart and soul that was long overshadowed by the musical's special effects"
- Calgary Sun, 7/03

"Lemsky's extraordinarily fine production miraculously prevailed. The most successful of the three productions of Miss Saigon that I have seen."
- Talkin', 11/03

"An accomplished cast and slick direction… a rousing production"
- Newark, NJ Star-Ledger, 11/03

"Miss Saigon is an awesome blend of beauty and heartbreak - a theatrical triumph"
- Naples Daily News, 12/03

"It was a moving, provoking experience."
- Evansville Courier & Press, 1/05

"Explodes with power, color, lights, costumes and special effects that knock your socks off."
- Post and Courier (N. Charleston, SC), 2/05

"A great production of a not-to-be-forgotten show."
- The Wichita Eagle, 10/04


Terry Morris, Dayton Daily News 9/25/02
"Cameron Mackintosh, who produced the original Miss Saigon in London a decade ago and then brought it to Broadway, has given a thumbs-up to a reconceived staging of the musical that was launched at the Victoria Theatre."
    "This isn't just a cut-down version of what we did before, which I wouldn't have wanted to see. This is a production that took the risk of trying a completely new concept. It's been proven a success," he said. "I'm very pleased with what they've done."

"As The Engineer, Eymard Meneses Cabling is outstanding. Cabling is funny when he realizes that he can help himself by helping Kim and Chris, and a ball of fire on stage when singing, dancing and acting out "The American Dream."
- Lubbock Avalanche-Journal, 4/05

"Alan Gillespie gave a first night performance as Chris that would outdo any helicopter. He sang with a penetrating clarity and conviction"
- Dayton Daily News, 10/02

"The biggest surprise of the night was Eymard Meneses Cabling (The Engineer), the pimp/con-man who eventually becomes Kim's protector. Take a look at Cabling's performance, particularly in the tour de force "The American Dream."
- Quad City Times (Davenport, IA), 4/05

"Laurie Cadevida was stellar throughout. She has one of those voices made to belt and a warmth that's heartbreaking at all the right moments. Cadevida is so good you could put her on a bare stage, let her sing her songs and you'd feel chills. She's just that good."
- Sioux City Journal, 4/05

"Alan Gillespie gave Chris an emotionally vulnerable charisma. His voice carried like a pop star's."
- Akron Beacon Journal, 10/02

"The role of the Engineer also offers stark contrast to earlier versions. As played by Eymard Meneses Cabling, the Engineer was less the sneering, satanic narrator and more a likable survivor of a chaotic situation. Cabling's high-spirited "The American Dream" number was not so much a scathing indictment of capitalism as a naive wish that the mythical "Movie in My Mind" America were real."
- Springfield News-Leader, 4/04

"Laurie Cadevida's rendition of Kim was lovely; the pure strength of her voice matched her character's unshakable faith."
- Lawrence Journal-World, 4/05

"Eymard Meneses Cabling (the Engineer) amused and charmed with sly ambitions in "The American Dream," his exultation of the possibility of profit in America."
- Lawrence Journal-World, 4/05

"As American GI Chris, Alan Gillespie is blessed with a very strong voice."
- Kalamazoo Gazette, 11/02

"Laurie Cadevida as Kim aptly shifted from innocent teen to starry-eyed lover to fiercely protective mother."
- Rockford Register Star, 10/04

"Omi Fernandez was excellent in her role as Kim"
- Farragut Press (Knoxville, TN), 3/05

"…the highlight of this show is the impassioned performance of its principals… [they] breathe even greater life into a show already pulsing with heart and defiance."
- Capital Times - Madison, WI, 10/02


"Director Mitchell Lemsky's reinvention of Miss Saigon was executed superbly, with solid assurance matched by a rapid pace. The thrilling "Fall of Saigon" sequence was one moment in particular that defined this production and clearly separates it from all the others. Lemsky took a Harold Prince approach by constantly switching the flow and intensity of the scene in order to portray a sense of nervousness and unease. The sequence, which concluded with the sight of a helicopter that took your imagination to new heights, rightfully drew wildly enthusiastic applause on opening night."
- Impact Weekly - Dayton, Ohio, 9/02

"Employing "computerized effects and high-tech video imaging," the huge, clear and three dimensional appearing projected helicopter far exceeds the impact of the heavy, laughably overhyped, truncated contraption seen in the original Broadway production. Lemsky's extraordinarily fine production miraculously prevailed."
- Talkin', 11/03

"Miss Saigon emerges as a much better piece of theater… The love affair is compelling in this version directed by Mitchell Lemsky and choreographed by Jodi Moccia. Secondary characters assume an emotional depth that charges the story line."
- The Arizona Republic, 3/03

"This production is big … a huge army of a cast … larger-than-life."
- The Wilmington News Journal, 1/04

"Miss Saigon is an often stirring piece of theater and this tour proves that it's the people, more than sets, that tell a story."
- Sarasota Herald Tribune, 12/03

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