“DREAMGIRLS is a dream come true. Don’t let this one pass you by”
– Modesto Bee

“Exceptionally well produced and performed. It is an experience that is not to be missed.”

“Huge voices that can blow the house down”
– Modesto Bee

“DREAMGIRLS has the spectacle and the heart.”
– Salt Lake City Standard Examiner

“DREAMGIRLS is thrilling night of theater and music.”
– Lexington Leader-Herald

“DREAMGIRLS stuns with gritty, glitzy R&B soundtrack.”
– Salt Lake City Tribune

“Rousing rendition of 20-year journey of show business success-and-struggle in young black America, with Charity Dawson's Effie Melody White as the crown jewel atop a glittering cast.”
– Salt Lake City Tribune

“Solid, soulful vocals and an upbeat energy.”
– Fresno Bee

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